Jo Pole is an illustrator from Australia.
Currently residing in Queensland.

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Artist Statement
I am most interested in the things I never planned to draw and I often come across images that I’m compelled to draw over and over again.
I am influenced by everything! Mostly I am influenced by people. I also take great interest in big cities, the flora, fauna and patterns in my environment, television, comics, fashionable shapes and colours.
Although I am often unplanned in my approach to paper or canvas, my work is always detailed. All work begins as a pencil sketch. My preference for final pieces has been to illustrate in watercolour and ink, or display as an animation cell on clear transparency. I usually lay an image on either a stark white background or a fairly plain single coloured background. I prefer this as my work is usually very detailed. I also think we see and hear background all day everyday and I prefer to remove it from the work to create a clear space for the image to live in.

1989 – Art Contest, Saint Ignatius School Fete. Group Show – Third place Brisbane Australia.  (I was 7 years old and I won $3. I bought three pieces of fudge and one toffee with my winnings)

2002 – QY Media, Seymour centre. Group Show – Third place. Sydney Australia.
2004 – NoName, Garuva. Solo show, Brisbane Australia.
2005 – Inkd, Garuva. Solo show, Brisbane Australia.
2007 – Small Space Exhibition. Group Show – Brunswick Street Gallery Melbourne Australia.
2008 – Melbourne Fringe Festival. Art in Windows – Sydney Road Brunswick. Melbourne Australia.
2010 – Mail Me Something. Group show – Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn NY.
2010 – 2020. Group Show – Above Second Gallery, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong.
2011 – The Sketchbook Project. Group Show – Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn NY.  Tour: Austin TX, San Fransisco CA, Portland ME, Atlanta GA, Chicago IL.
2002 – 3m x 2m Mural for Ampt productions. (no image available)
2003 – 100cm x 160cm canvas for Garuva Resturant and Bar (no image available)
2005 – 60cm x 45cm canvas for the private collection of Mr C. Willmer (no image available)
2005 – 30cm x 30cm canvas for the private collection of Miss K. Males (no image available)
2010 – 25cm x 30cm canvas (three of) for the private collection of Mr & Mrs C. Cienfuegos.  Image available here
2010 – 25cm x 30cm, 300gsm paper.  Ink and water colour drawing for Mr G Taylor. Image available here
2011 – 15cm x 10.5cm, wedding invitation set. Colour pencil and ink for Mr and Mrs Kowald. image available here